Bydgoszcz, Poland – 2020 FISU World University Championship Mind Sports online starts tomorrow! The time has finally come and participants from the world over will start competing in just a tick. As statistics indicate, switching the championship to an online format in the times of global COVID-19 pandemic was a brilliant idea. With exactly 551 registered chess and bridge players from 40 countries it can be easily assumed that the interests in the event was high.

151 contestants representing 26 teams and 13 countries will participate in the bridge part of the tournament, while in chess there are 400registered playersdivided into 78 teams from 32 nations. Five countries: Argentina, China, France, Poland and Serbia decided to participate in both disciplines.

During the Thursday’s General Technical Meeting, which was held online, teams’ captains had the chance to ask questions and become acquainted with the technical details concerning the event. The chess and bridge matches will be played on two platforms: Tornelo and Bridge Base Online respectively. At 10 AM CET on Monday the bridge players begin their first round while the chess tournament starts at 3 PM CET.

To ensure fans of both sports can follow the action, everyday from 2:30 PM CET matches will be livestreamed and commented by experts, coaches, and players from both disciplines.

The links to watch the event live are the following:

The pairings for the first rounds are available on the following pages:

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