Bydgoszcz, Poland – only two weeks are left to the beginning of the 2020 FISU World University Championship Mind Sports online. The registrations, which started in August, are finished now and the event’s preparations are even more advanced.

The whole Organizing Committee is working at their full capacity to make sure that the championship is organized on the highest levelpossible. ŁukaszTurlej, FIDE Vice President, supervises the chess part of the event, whereas Stanisław Gołębiewski leads the team of experts who organize the bridge matches.

The registrations being plentiful, make the championship even more exciting as there are over 500 chess and bridge players representing around 40 countries who are willing to compete for the 2020 World University Champion title.

The matches will be played on two platforms: Tornelo for chess and Bridge Base Online (BBO) for bridge. Tornelo is a web-platform for running live arbiter-led chess tournaments. Łukasz Turlej describes it as a very good platform to organize events of a larger scale. He adds that it is the only one which guarantees full control of games to arbiters and it deals with disconnection problems. Moreover, it was used to organize last 2 important European Events:

  • European Youth Online Chess Championship (750 players from 60 locations);
  • European Corporate Online Championship.

Bridge Base Online, however, might be practically called a monopolist in the world of the online sports bridge. Marcin Wasłowicz, member of the Organizing Committee, says that BBO being a multi-annual partner of the Polish Bridge Union is also a platform well-known to every sports bridge player in the world. He emphasizes that many previous online championships of high importance were organized on the Bridge Base Online.

The championship supporters can follow the games live on social media. The draw and final event schedule are planned on 20th October. The General Technical Meeting will take place on 22nd  October on Zoom.